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About CNB

We renovate and build at a reasonable price​

We are really passionate about making life better and making people's dream homes come true, so wherever you want to build, we will try to do everything in our power to be able to fulfill the wishes regardless of where in the geography you are. CNB started in 2018 But we have many years of experience before and has since carried out several renovations in Stockholm and the surrounding area. Most renovations, restorations and extensions have been carried out in Saltsjöbaden, Djursholm, Bromma, Stockholm's inner city, Södermanland and on Gotland.

We work with both renovations and new construction, but also restorations of houses and apartments of a cultural-historical nature. This means everything from erecting fireplaces, painting, laying floors, facade renovations, restoring old windows, laying a new roof and constructing walls. Everything possible in short. We do not carry out plumbing or electrical work, but are happy to recommend good contractors in the Stockholm area or collaborate with those the customer chooses.

. By tradition, we repair a lot - rather than throw it away and buy new, which many of our customers appreciate. It has given us quite a few projects with culturally historically valuable buildings, including in Djursholm and Sörmland's farm environment. Many appreciate our solid knowledge in traditional craftsmanship and material handling. Of course, we also build completely new and work with extensions.

We often hear that customers appreciate the accessibility. We believe and hope that our customers feel safe and satisfied with us. We have great respect for the customer's actual budget and schedule - for the vast majority of people, accommodation and related renovations are the absolute biggest investments you make as a private person. Of course, we work with a fixed quote if the customer so wishes. Everything for smooth collaboration. After all, we continue to live on the recommendations.

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